Top ABC Educational Toys for Kids

It is a known fact that children are best suited to learn foreign languages from the youngest age. And there is nothing better than playing toys to introduce them to the widely known and spoken English language. We've selected some of the best toys as play-based models to begin to expose your kiddos to this international language. These toys will help a passion for English to grow and stimulate a positive attitude towards language learning in general.

Janod Kubkid Alphabet Blocks 32 pcs

blocks with pictures for kids best block toy for kids blocks with lettersThere is no childhood without alphabet blocks, and they can be found in every well-stocked toy box. Rather than just displaying a letter, this Janod Kubkid Alphabet Blocks are definitely a must-have for every growing child. Turn blocks into a jigsaw, pile them or create pictures. Their letters and pictures are as imaginative as they are colorful, made to delight eyes and provoke original stories.

Janod Splash Wall Blackboard

writing boards for kidsGive your kids a way to express themselves! At first glance, this Janod Splash Wall Blackboard is a writing board to exercise writing or pin magnetic letters to create funny words and phrases, but with a simple side flip, they get a clean white reusable canvas to draw whatever their sweet little heart desires. Thanks to the rope attached to the board, you can display your children's art around the home effortlessly.

Janod English Alphabet Magnetibook

best toys to learn alphabetCreative, engaging and astounding - an educational toy that will keep your kid busy for hours! Great for encouraging spelling skills and teaching your little one basics of English language. Consisting of 26 different pictures and 104 letter tiles, with a couple of ways to play with, Janod English Alphabet Magnetibook is definitely going to become their favorite playbook.

Janod ABC Buggy Walking Trolley

best 3 in 1 toys for kids walking trolley blocks abacus best xmas giftsLet's see what your baby can do with Janod ABC Buggy Walking Trolley: they can learn how to walk with this sturdily constructed toy, they can gain an understanding of letters and numbers by playing with 30 colorful blocks, and they can practice counting by sliding the abacus beads around. With a lot going on with this toy, we can bet they'll be enjoying it for a long time to come.

Janod Floor ABC Monsters Giant Puzzle

best puzzle toys for kidsA lovable 50-piece giant floor puzzle (62x92cm) to entertain and help those little brain wheels turning. Your kids will enjoy the colorful array of funny and lovable monsters as they develop motor skills and learn the alphabet. Once they're finished, stash it in the fitting puzzle illustrated carry case with a convenient handle so that no monster can stray away.

Janod I Wood Alphabet Puzzle

best alphabet puzzles for kids

Getting this colorful learning activity toy for your kiddie will be exactly like hitting the nail on the head! Thanks to the Janod's letter-shaped carved base, in the same shade to coordinate with the vividly colored wooden letters, they will recognize and practice to match and learn all the letters faster and with more confidence. A real eye candy and a great teaching tool for toddlers, with the pieces crafted to fit perfectly into the tiny hands!

Oskar and Ellen Soft Alphabet Zoo

best toys to learn alphabet best xmas gift toysHelp your cutie practice their fine motor skills and improve hand dexterity! With Oskar & Ellen fun and soft educational book, your child will not only learn to spell alphabet letters but will also discover many animals, faithfully represented in the most adorable way! So easy to use, just turn the flap to find a letter-matching animal and become familiar with their spelling too!

Oskar & Ellen Learn My ABC Soft Bag

best xmas gifts for kids toys for kids to learn animals and alphabetSoft bag for your little one to carry all the animals, padded and appliqué ones, wherever they go. Once opened, it shows a colorful display of 26 different animals, one for each letter. The great thing about this creative toy is that your child can learn both upper and lower cases, making this toy super educational.

eeBoo Alphabet And Numbers Puzzle Pairs

best puzzle toys for childrenA little more challenging for all puzzle-addicted girls and boys featuring both upper and lower case letters. The goal is to match letters with words and dots to numbers, representing an excellent training for their memory and is motor skill encouraging. Beautiful pictures, 36 puzzle pairs with pairs complementing each other perfectly, this is certainly an advanced educational option for your little ones!

eeBoo Hardware Art Cards

best association alphabet toysLearning alphabet is about to get a lot more fun: sturdy and with artful images, eeBoo educational toy is for all young tool-lovers! Pick a letter and learn a new word - way to grow their vocabulary. Incredibly fun to play with or to use as bedroom or playroom decoration. Whatever their choice is, your kids won't get enough of it.

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