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Traveling with kids: Stylish Tips on what to take

As Hong Kong parents we are always traveling with the kids to get off the island! And now that holidays are approaching, here's our guide to some travel essentials (and some non-essentials) that will make the journey a little easier.  The trick is to be prepared for anything, keep it light, compact and versatile but with enough goodies to entertain lest you should get delayed.  Now the stylish part: whatever you take, there's no excuse for style no-no's with our round up of the best items inspired by french chic living for kids and mums. And to make things easy here's a quick list of essential items you can pick and choose from - the fun things come afterwards!: Packing  Toothbrush Sun block Swimsuits Sun hats Sunglasses Umbrella Bottled water Crayons and coloring books Toys and activity books Camera and film or extra digital memory Entertainment (CD's, Videos, Audio books, Games) Snacks Medication Motion sickness pills Tylenol   For baby Car seat Travel stroller Collapsible crib Diapers and plastic bags (for disposing dirty diapers) Wipes Lotion and powder Formula Pacifiers Extra bottles and nipples Extra bottles and nipples   For the car Pillows Blankets Cooler Paper towels Garbage bags First-aid kit   For the plane Carry-on baggage with a change of clothes Extra snacks Compact stroller Small toys for the flight Now our stylish picks! 1. Extra soft pillows hand knitted pillows from Blabla - this hold me tight pillow is adorable and lightweight, great for long car trips or snoozing in the airport lounge. $560 moustache-pillow-blabla 2. An awesome game for siblings to play (and we all remember it from our childhood!) Pick up sticks $90 - Small, can be played on an airplane tray table and light. Perfect for holidays Games for travel with kids hong kong 3.  Mini backpacks  (Rose $240 : I love London $190 and Mini Dolly $190)  - Make sure the kids can get to their own accessories and supplies with these super cute and stylish travel backpacks. Travel backpacks for kids hong kong Travel backpacks for kids hong kong Travel backpacks for kids hong kong 4. Keep it fresh with this cool lunchbox, ideal for stashing snacks and foods and prevents a mess in your bag, or worse, squashed sandwiches! $90 or this boys Whale lunchbox $210 tupperware for traveling with children Lunchbox for boys - traveling with kids 5. Cabin luggage can still be cool and easy to drag around the airport - especially if you pick a pattern that really stands out. Kids love this retro style suitcase $1310 which is the perfect size, sturdy and unique and has wheels!!Kids wheelie suitcase for travel 6. For babies - the essential portable changing pad. You really can't leave the house without it, but this one by Jack n'a qu'un Oeil is honestly the softest and plushest mat I've ever seen and is on my must have list for traveling with newborns. $440 available in pink and grey Travel changing mat Hong Kong 7. Another one for younger kids - Oskar and Ellen soft books can be used to entertain quietly and they're a lot lighter than standard books too! $450. They're also made ethically and totally safe for little ones. This book has games like peek a boo - guess who's in the farm and is educational too - learn about opposites, big and small, up and down whilst you travel. Soft books for kids travel 8. Older girls love this filled case with a Top Model theme. The perfect accessory for secret diaries and scribbles. $390 travel pencil case and colouring kit hong kong So that's a few unique ideas to get your started. If all else fails - pack the iphone, load it up with apps and stick it in cute gadget holder from Noodoll to protect it! We know it's cheating but it's why we love smartphones isn't it? $200: Travel gadget holders for kids Items available at petit bazaar, 9 Gough Street, Central, 80 Queens Road East, Wan Chai (selected items at 9 Market Road, Stanley)

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