Lorena Canals Machine-Washable Rugs & Cushions: A Godsend for Moms

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that rugs in high-traffic areas in the house have it pretty rough. Any rug owner will tell you there have been some messy days that left them staring at their miserable rug, almost with a look of pity.

"If only I could just pop you in the washing machine!" -  There’s a phrase we’ve all been guilty of saying to our brave carpets. There’s a phrase designer and founder Lorena Canals has uttered in a Newton-Apple moment as she watched her two kids playing on a rug.

Fast forward to today, and Spanish brand Lorena Canals is on a roll, continuously coming up with superb designs for practical, hygienic, machine-washable rugs and other accessories.

Believe it or not you can wash these awesome rugs at home in your washing machine, saving money whilst steering clear of chemicals from dry-cleaning. This makes Lorena Canals a healthy choice for our little ones. Particularly great news for those who suffer from allergies!

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They come in a myriad of patterns, colors, shapes and sizes. Finding one to fit in with your decor will be a breeze.

And even though Lorena Canals specialize in kids’ carpets, there’s nothing stopping you from using one of the more neutral and adaptable designs in other areas like your living room or kitchen.

Spaces like these get a whole lot of attention (and abuse!) during the day, so these rugs are ideal for them. They let you benefit from the warmth and coziness they bring to the room, whilst giving you the opportunity to keep them clean and healthy without any hassle!

They’re even perfect for your ever-shedding furry loved ones!

With so many designs to choose from there’s bound to be a couple your kiddos will take a fancy to!

Some designs are particularly suited to help your littles learn, be it the alphabet, shapes or even geography!

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Lucky for us, Lorena Canals hasn’t just stopped at rugs. She’s throwing cushions, baskets and blankets at us too, and we’re loving it! Especially since all of them are wonderfully healthier alternatives!

In fact, the cushions, like their rug cousins are also super easy to wash! No need to take out the filler, you can pop them in your washing machine whole, to make sure you get rid of all those dust mites that may cause or aggravate allergies.

Say hello to pastels and even softer materials that’ll either take your youngest ones on a dreamy journey, or calm down your toddlers’ tantrum. Not to mention make the room look great!

If you’re in the process of setting up a nursery you can rest assured each product is completely safe for your little one since only natural materials are used, as well as non-toxic dyes.

Lorena Canals undergoes extensive quality controls; ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and AITEX certificates obtained. Most importantly, your little one can safely be in direct contact with all the materials.

Every high-quality creation is handmade using 100% cotton or wool. Each rug and cushion is elaborated individually, making each one unique. Just take a look at this mesmerizing process.

On top of the process being eco-friendly, Lorena Canals is committed to helping children in Northern India. Purchasing a rug means providing schooling for kids in need.

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The Lorena Canals Sakula project has taken in less-fortunate kids from the streets, offering them protection, sustenance and education in a specially-built nursery that presently houses 120 children. There’s even a special collection featuring 6 different rugs named after 6 kids who’ve benefited from the project. Watch for yourselves the fruit of socially responsible companies.

With pompoms that have completely won us over, light hues to keep you feeling zen, and to top it off an awesome cause, there isn’t much more we can say except for "Thank you Lorena!"

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