The Best Gifts for 2 year old Girls (that you can buy in HK!)

What do you buy a 2 year old girl for a gift? There are so many toys and presents to consider, it can be overwhelming to know what to choose as a gift for a toddler that she'll love. Here's our round up of the top gifts for 2 year old girls (all available at petit bazaar in Hong Kong).  

Gift: Play Kitchen or Tea Party Set

Why your 2 year old will love it: Toddlers love to copy, have you noticed how they copy everything? They love to cook like mum or auntie, and pretend to serve food and clear up. Let them explore with a play kitchen. Why experts love it: "A kitchen enables kids to learn more about the world around them through acting out roles, encouraging them to be creative," says Joyce Nuner, PhD, assistant professor of child development and family studies at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.* Our pick: Wooden toys such as the Egmont Kitchen are a safe and durable alternative to the cheap plastic kitchens and toys. For tea sets we love Moulin Roty, Little Milly and Oskar and Ellen tea sets , which are made from soft toy materials. Oskar and Ellen also has an amazing soft toy sushi set that's oh so Hong Kong... Gifts for 2 year Old Girls Gifts for 2 year Old Girls  

Gift: Balance bike

Why your 2 year old will love it: 2 year olds love to work on balance and coordination, this is the pefect time to tap into these new skills. Why experts love it: A balance bike is a perfect trainer. At 2 years old children can't balance and pedal, but they can focus on one skill at a time. A balance bike helps coordination until they are older and ready for a larger bike. Our pick: We love the classic wooden balance bikes and scooters from Kiddimoto Kurve that come with cute red dots that little girls will love. Gifts for 2 year Old Girls  

Gift: Puzzle and Magnetic Games

Why your 2 year old will love it: At the age of 2, kids are starting to get to grips with the concept of fitting pieces together, of halves and wholes. They also start to learn about dressing themselves and how to 'complete' things.  Why experts love it: "Kids this age are starting to focus but can be easily distracted, so 2- to 5-piece puzzles allow for success," says Adair* Our pick: Janod wooden puzzles come with great large pieces for 2 year olds. We also love the Hape alphabet and number puzzles that will kickstart your 2 year olds learning or the Janod Magentic Clothes kits which will let children practice dressing with easy shapes as well as learning about clothes. 

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Gifts for 2 year Old Girls

Gift: A Blabla or Jellycat Soft Toy

Why your 2 year old will love it: 2 year olds often move to a bigger bed at this time. Give them an incentive to make the transition easier with an upgrade of an old cuddly. Why experts love it: "A comfort object is soothing for kids who are fearful of the dark," says Weiss* Our pick: Hand knitted Bla Bla dolls are easily the softest cutest crochet cuddlies we've found, and they're ethically made too. Jellycat is also a fantastic soft toy that will transition through from younger years. Travel tips with kids - travel pillows  

Gift: A Sticker Book or Colouring Book.

Why your 2 year old will love it: Books are always a great way to promote literacy and language development. A sticker or colouring book is interactive as it causes kids to consider context, use their dexterity skills and you can join in was they complete the books. Our pick: We love the stationary sets by Mon Petit Art  which have themes little girls will love but they will need the help of a grown up! 

Gift: Baby Doll Wooden Pram

Why your 2 year old will love it: Toddlers relish playing Mommy or Daddy (read: being in charge), and developing their nurturing side. Why we love it: A great way to prepare for a sibling or to improve coordination whilst thinking about caring for others. Our pick: A Moover or Moulin Roty Wooden Doll Pram is safe, stylish and encourages your child to play with dolls in a nurturing way, whether they choose to fill the pram with soft toys, or baby dolls. Gifts for 2 year Old Girls

Gift: Art Materials

Why your 2 year old will love it: Art is a great way to teach 2 year olds about colours. If you choose paints or supplies that mix together they can learn about how to create other colours too. Why experts love it: "Art materials help children explore cause and effect as well as creativity and aesthetic appreciation," says Nuner* Our pick: A Top Model Colouring case with all the colours included will stay with her as she gets older. We also love the Wooden Colouring Trees (a crayon holder that looks like a tree!)  Gifts for a 2 year old girl

Gift: Dress-Up Clothes 

Why your 2 year old will love it: Dress-up is how one way your childs incredible imagination can run wild. At this age kids love to pretend. Why experts love it: "Dress-up gives kids an opportunity to act out roles in a safe environment," says Nuner.* Our pick: If your 2 year old love animals, we adore these Oskar and Ellen animal hats and tails, but if they're really girly girls, then a stunning crown and wand from No. 74 is a real treat that will make them a true princess. Gifts for 2 year old girls *source:

Toys and Child Development Aged 2-3

When a child is 2 , she's going through a really exciting developmental stage, and the best gifts are ones that compliment the new skills she's going to learn from the ages of 2-3. Whether it's dexterity, language development or reasoning, 2 year olds can't get enough of educational toys that stimulate them.

When looking for the best gifts for 2 year olds, try to keep them simple, straightforward and fun. Puzzles and shapes, pretend play items and floor based toys are all excellent gifts for 2 year olds.

As a mum and having a professional background in child development, petit bazaar owner, Narguess, has sourced the best gift ideas for toddlers for every stage a 2 year old goes through with this in mind.

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