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Beginning Knitters @ petit bazaar

One of our Facebook friend asked us how to knit. What a good idea ! When you first get started as a knitter, it can be tempting to go wild in the knitting store, buying all sorts of fancy yarn and beautiful needles. It makes sense, however, to buy only a few supplies when you're first getting started knitting. First, you don't know if you'll like knitting, so, second, you shouldn't spend a lot of money on things you don't know if you'll use. The good news is, you don't need a lot of expensive supplies or fancy yarns to make your first knitting projects. In fact, you can also start by a quick set knitting at Petit Bazaar. And when you are ready, teaching your child to knit can be a very rewarding experience. But what a fun to do the process more successful. Actually at petit bazaar we have some of these kniting sets that you can start with, by your self or with your kids. Now days it's like a little victory to learn our kids how to knit because it is important to know how to do things, just for the sake of knowing how things are done. It enriches the heart and gives a person options. But learning how to knit also teaches focus, creativity, and provides calm, it is an antidote to our “hurry up” culture.  Your child can make this funny little monkey and includes it in all of his imaginary play scenarios. What a great success for you and your child ! And then maybe one day your little student will grow up to become a fabulously wealthy and famous knitwear designer ! DIY Monkey DIY Monkey 3le-tricotin-rose atelier de couture

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