Top 7 Toys for Building STEM Skills

Among millions of cool toys, many of them are science related, and a good number of them STEM encouraging. STEM activities are so much fun because they involve many disciplines combined into one: science, technology, engineering, and math, they are all combined to create an amusing learning experience. These STEM toys will educate your little ones, inspire critical thinking while nurturing their creative spark!

Sentosphère Crystal Mystery

best stem chemistry toy With this frosty, kids can learn more about geology and chemistry in a way that makes gaining knowledge of science seem like fun. This engaging science kit enables children to grow beautifully colored, eye-catching crystals, combining science with creativity. Perfect toy to tickle their curiosity and invite them on a delightful journey.

Sentosphère Fizzing Mystery

best stem chemistry toysFizzing Mystery is for all curious children who are thrilled by science and mind-blowing experiments. Now they can create their own rousing experiments: an effervescent reaction in a test-tube, measure water pH or observe the color changes in a liquid. Look for the excitement on their faces as they watch balloon grows bigger and bigger with an easy science experiment of blowing balloon using only water, baking soda, and citric acid.

I Am Toy Road Vehicles Play Set

best stem engineering toysYour little one is working hard and has to build the next big architectural wonder. Help them get the job done with this wooden road vehicle set and encourage physical skills improving. They will love this set of 3: Bulldozer, Road Roller, and Digger. They come with bright and vibrant color with great details. All of them even have a driver.

4M KidzLabs Showtime Science Magic

best magic science toy gift best magic tricks toyKidzLabs are truly making learning about science magical! They combine great science and magic fun in one box. This treasure box lets your little discover the magic of science by exploring different principles of physics, chemistry, mechanics, optics, math and more. With more than 29 cool tricks, get ready to experiment, play and show off!

4M KidzLabs Math Magic

best math games for kids kidz labz toys mathAn intriguing math practice and captivating magic for kids that even adults can learn from. A fascinating set of fun games and math conundrums to make any child fascinated by math, and might even turn them into math fans. Challenge your child's imagination by getting them this clever set, and they'll enjoy doing the tricks on the rest of the family and friends.

Janod Redmaster Bricolo DIY Giant Magnetic Workbench

best stem diy toys best christmas stem toy gift best diy janod toyThis is a great place for budding jacks-of-all-trades! You will fall in love with this wooden workbench, as it adapts to several heights to suit children of different ages. The bright colored workbench has many elements: a magnetic board with 3 tools, a small clock to act as if, and especially plenty of pieces to create with.

Janod Magnetic Rocket

christmas gift space toy kids rocket toy best christmas toys gifts This wooden 3D playset comes in 3 different versions - small, medium, and giant, making this exquisite toy suitable for kids of all ages. Your child will find satisfaction in connecting and dismantling magnetic wooden pieces, at the same time practicing their fine motor and problem-solving skills. This is one of those cool space toys where you just can’t decide whether to just let it be and admire its exterior or get down and play with it.

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