12 Awesome Magnetic Toys To Help Your Kids Develop Numerous Skills

When buying a toy for your little one, the focus shouldn’t be so much on "what the toy can do", but rather on "what your child can do with the toy". These magnetic toys are a brilliant way of encouraging your little ones to play freely, using their hands, reinforcing their fine motor skills, and strengthening their hand-eye coordination.

With these original toys, building is twice as fun, puzzles are even more enjoyable and imaginations can run wild!

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Janod Fashion Magnetibook



Just one from the various types of Janod Magnetibooks available. This book box opens up to reveal a backdrop featuring a man and woman, with 36 different magnets to dress them up! Perfect package for keeping everything neat when carrying around either at home or on-the-go.

For more structured play there are picture cards with design ideas for kids to emulate. Otherwise, they can mix and match to their heart’s delight! A great toy to enjoyably strengthen motor skills!

Tegu Tints Prism Pocket Pouch



An heirloom-quality toy from Tegu, sure to be one of your kiddo’s favorites. Wooden, beautifully made prisms and parallelograms packed nicely in a felt carry pouch. The ultimate "pop-in-purse" toy!

Perfect for when you’re out with your tots and need them to keep entertained for a while. Great toy for even littles as young as 12 months, with each block being the perfect size for tiny hands to grasp, with the magnets making building much easier for your youngest ones to attempt!

Tegu Sticky Monsters Pip Magnetic Wooden Block




Same premium quality to be expected from Tegu, but in a cuter design. Strange to call wooden blocks adorable, but that’s exactly what this small monster is!

Pip carries all the advantages of Tegu’s magnetic toys, but his smile is so positively darling your tots will find it difficult to put him down! They can easily arrange and rearrange the blocks to change Pip’s shape into whichever type of monster their minds can conjure. Perfect for motor-skill development and unscripted play!

Tegu Sunset Magnetic Wooden Block 24 Pieces





This particular set by Tegu allows for bigger, taller and more complex creations. It’s a medium building set that includes columns, different-sized planks, cubes and parallelograms. Your little ones are definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to constructing their masterpieces now!

A super toy for engaging unscripted play, with benefits of stimulating creativity and imagination, plus perfecting hand-eye coordination. And since all pieces are magnetic that means your engineers’ creations will proudly stay in place till it’s time for some remodeling!

Janod Giant Magnetic Rocket



Not just a gigantic rocket to whizz around the house, but also a fun 3D puzzle in itself. Your mini astronauts will enjoy putting together the magnetic rocket pieces to create their huge spacecraft before they prepare it for lift-off. They’ll probably also love pulling the pieces apart as they enact space-collisions!

So your little cosmonauts will have to practise their fine motor skills as well as their problem-solving skills before they set on some unscripted play!

Janod Triptik Magnetic Board




Doesn’t that look awesome? So many things going on with this toy! Closed, it’s a clock for telling time; open, it’s a jam-packed weekly planner that includes a magnetic whiteboard, notepad, picture frame, plus 55 magnets so your little organizers can stay on top of things!

Not just an indispensible teaching tool but also perfect to instil a sense of time management and preparation in your kids. Actually, not really a toy but more of an asset for children’s cognitive development!

Janod Funny Magnets Robots

janod-funny-magnets-robots-02 (1)



Ever laid eyes on such adorable robots? Your little ones are bound to be smitten! 4 colorful robots, each made of 3 magnetic parts, creating a game of mixing, rebuilding, association and creative play. Particularly great for young toddlers to refine their motor skills whilst giving imaginative play a go.

Also a wonderful tool to teach colors. And when your mini engineers are happy with their completed robots, they can use them as playtoys during uninhibited playtime!

Rex Magnetic Hook a Duck Game



A classic game, vintage packaging and all! This retro game’s popularity hasn’t faltered because to start with, it’s inherently fun. Even just watching someone else attempt to hook a duck with the magnetic rods is enjoyable enough, let alone trying it yourself! Your kiddos will definitely have a hoot.

Plus, this particular version features numbers on the wooden ducks’ backs to encourage learning. This on top of the benefits of having to focus, use fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination!

eeBoo Baseball Magnetic Game


One for the budding baseballers out there. Their own miniature baseball field to play with whatever the weather! A great toy to teach your sportsfan all about the famous game that’s been around for generations.

A perfect way for your kids to practise their social skills too, as it encourages group play. Magnetic playing pieces mean everything will stay in place when it’s time for your kiddos’ break. Plus, they make the game so much more enjoyable and smooth-going!

Janod Chunky Fruits and Veg Set



A classic must-have toy for your kids’ collection. Wooden magnetic fruit and veg that can be "cut" in half with a small wooden knife. Your little chefs can use one side as a chopping board to practise their salad-making skills, and in the meantime, refine motor skills and strengthen hand-eye coordination.

The other side works like a puzzle as your tots have to then put the halves back together in order to fit them in their place – great for cognitive development!

Janod Happy Fish Magnetic Puzzle


A blast for your younger toddlers! They get to learn all about different sea creatures whilst solving a fun puzzle, developing both cognitive and motor skills in the process. Little ones have to match the underwater creature wooden pieces with the shadows on the puzzle board.

A great tool for teaching association and shape-recognition, whilst practising fine motor skills. And since each piece is magnetic the activity is all the more fun and easy for your sea adventurer!

Rex Magnetic Photo Disguise



A real gag of a toy that makes us wish we’d had when we were younger (we’d have a lot less doodle-ruined photos!) Let your little naughty ones give your fridge photos a barber-shop makeover with these magnetic disguises. Enjoy watching them giggle as they put a beard on their little sister, and a funny hat on mommy!

But don’t think this toy merely stops at being entertaining. It’s perfect to spark up your pranksters’ imagination whilst subtly strengthening their fine-motor skills!

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