Best Kitchen Toys for Kids Who Love Cooking

Educate your little ones about healthy eating! Most kids love role plays and are eager when it comes to acquiring cooking skills. These realistic kitchen play sets will make children feel proud to get to 'work' in their mini kitchens, inspiring imaginative play as they craft delicious make-believe meals. Pick only the best, and teach kids good eating habits without spoiling the fun!

Janod The French Cocotte Foldable Kitchen

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little kitchen with cookware
a boy carrying fun toykid toy kitchen cookwareHow do you like your eggs? Your little ones will be preparing eggs in 101 ways in no time with Janod wooden kitchen! Did we say that it's perfect for small places and foldable too, so it's easy to carry it when on-the-go? And your kids are especially going to love those small buttons that make the same noise as the gas stove when the knobs turn on.

Janod The French Cocotte Cooker

children playing with kitchen toy janod kitchen toy with oven and hob fun chicken cookware This wooden cooker has an incredible charm. With its hen feet and its realistic and practical details, it allows your kid to mix imagination and cooking to simmer, alone or accompanied. This set comes with oven gloves so that they don't burn their tiny little fingers while taking delicious dishes out of the oven.

Janod The French Cocotte Maxi Cooker

kids playing chefs fun chicken inspired janod kitchen toy fun Janod toy cookware The whole family will adore this colorful wooden cooker, with the design that is unique and whimsical. One of our favorite features (will become yours too) is that the utensils are attached to the backboard magnetically and the little knobs click. Thanks to the clock with turning hands your little ones will exactly know when their meal is ready to come out of the oven.

Janod Macaron Cooker

little girl playing with kitchen set cute girly janod kitchen toy janod kitchen accessoriesA tasty meal, fancy snack or a delicious cake, what's on the menu today? This gorgeous wooden kitchen is a beauty in pastel shades of pink, white and grey. The oven and cupboard doors have magnetic clasps to stay shut, and packages full of small green peas and sugar are secure on the shelf while remaining within your little one's reach.

Janod 12 Fruits Crate

real-looking fruit toy janod fruit toys for kids An excellent way of learning through a pretend play. It's a colorful, fun lesson about fruit for children of all ages. These wooden fruits are the perfect size for children who want to prepare delicious meals like the big ones because they fit faultlessly into the pots. Once the play is over, store them into the wooden crate.

Sentosphère My Sweet Shop

best christmas toy giftAn easy and fun activity to do with your child. This mini-laboratory gives the perfect blend of science and culinary art with a touch of creativity perfect like the cherry on the cake top. Make candies in different shapes and yummy flavors; sweets from Sentosphère's Sweet Shop are just so delicious that you'll be licking your fingers, for real!

Sentosphère My Little Bakery

best christmas diy toyEnjoy creating pastries with your petite with this fantastic Bakery set! Popsine is a 100% natural molding material, infinitely reusable, tinted, that melts in 2-3 minutes in the microwave without adding water. With Popsine, you can craft all kinds of glossy-finished dainties over and over again! With Sentosphère's Little Bakery treating time never ends!

Sentosphère My Marshmallow Shop

best christmas gifts diy toysWho doesn't love this light and gooey treat? Your child can now craft these spongy sweets adding flavors like raspberry, violet, passion fruit and orange blossom. They can be molded in cubs or heart shapes, coated with chocolate, multi-colored beads or colored and flavored sugar. In this wonderful marshmallow kit, you will find everything you need to make the softest and airiest marshmallows.

Oskar and Ellen Bon Appetit BBQ Cooking Set

soft food toys hot dog toy plush burger toy burger food toy soft food toyMost children love pretend plays and kitchen toys, in particular, are great fun for them. With this soft 25-piece set, they can open their own cafe, and arrange and serve burgers and hot dogs in the most original ways, adding some healthy choices, like a carrot or a tomato. After the best of all? This cooking set is machine washable!

Oskar and Ellen Chef's Outfit

little kitchen apron best kids kitchen costume best christmas gift cute kitchen outfitChildren always love dressing up and this is the ultimate toy for all of them who love to play kitchens! Chef's Outfit includes a charming apron, a pint-size reversible chef hat with a cute motif on and one teensy-weensy oven glove. Coming in a lovely presentation bag, this outfit is suitable for any up and coming chef.

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