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Get Ready to RAWR: Top Gift Ideas for Dino-Lovers!

We know that dinosaurs are not-so-friendly creatures, but kids can’t help thinking about them anyways. Well, you can’t blame them - kids are adventurous and imaginative in every way.

Here’s the good news: you can now make their wishes come true, by bringing them into the dino-world! The better news is that, you don't need to shield your kids against these dinos, because they're all cute & harmless!

Here are top dinosaur gift ideas that will surely make your little ones’ dino encounter memorable:

A Little Lovely Company Mini Backpack Brontosaurus

School can be boring sometimes, especially for active kids like yours. And who says you can't motivate them, even in the simplest way possible? With Brontosaurus backpack, school can be a little more unforgettable and motivating as your little one shares his/her classes, break time and travel time with their cool dino buddy!

A Little Lovely Company Little Light T Rex


Make bedtimes lovelier with this adorable contemporary A Little Lovely Company T-Rex LED light. Its pastel color and soft light is pleasing to the eye, especially when it glows, as it scares away monsters, giving a more relaxing feeling that's perfect before going to sleep.

You can even save batteries with its smart timer option which turns off the light automatically after 15 minutes.

Janod Magnetibook 

Family trips can be super long, and it's a struggle to keep your kids behaved. This Janod Dinosaurs Magnetibook is sure to bring out their creativity and brilliance as they exercise their mind in this game by spelling and matching the correct dino species.

Moreover, this magnetic game will entertain your kids and their besties for hours. To make things tougher, another set can be brought along and they could even have a little race (whether by group or individually), a friendly battle to see who is the fastest. 


Rice DK Toy Basket - Animal Theme

Make clean-up times fun for your kids, with these animal-themed toy baskets from Rice DK. These are handmade right in Madagascar, a home to thousands of animal species like these animals (which look even nicer and a little more charming in baskets, aren't they?). Their raffia handles also make them easier to carry everywhere.

Jellycat Dinosuars


Although happiest when together, each of these fluffy dinos from Jellycat is unique in his own.

Toothy T-Rex is able to make lots of friends with his perfect smile. Toothy T Rex Hand Puppet is talkative and amusing to everyone. Trevor Triceratops has got distinct (but soft) scales, cushiony horns and a long, swaggy tail. Terry Pterodactyl is our dazzling, flying dinosaur that gives a free lift when asked politely!

A Little Lovely Company Brontosaurus Duvet Cover

Let your kids feel more secure in their bedroom with this Duvet Cover Brontosaurus from A Little Lovely Company. This protective brontosaurus is a perfect buddy and guard to shun away bad monsters! The relaxing blue color and 100% cotton material only make their nights even more dreamy, cozy and restful.

RJB Stone Dino Skate Park Suitcase

Kids can literally have tons of stuffs and sometimes you just don't know where to put them without looking messy. This set of three Dino suitcases from RJB Stone is your perfect storage solution in style!

Each suitcase comes in three different sizes to fit various items. Each one is also doodled with cutie little dinosaurs and other cool stuffs from the dino-world.

Oskar and Ellen Dino Rock House with 6 Dinosaurs

They may look mad, but not really when your little ones encounter them. The enormous Brontosaurus is the leader of the pack. Meet his friends along with him, and bring more friends too, to have long hours of bonding and fun.

Don't forget to bring the dinos back to their cave if they want to rest. They can even peak in and out to know what's happenin' around! Be delighted to meet them in different colors, shapes and sizes.

Oskar and Ellen Soft Dinosaur Book

A book doesn't always have to be in paper or the internet! This Soft Dinosaur Book by Oskar and Ellen not only teaches your kids different dinosaur names, by matching the color of the dino to the correct color on the velcro, designed in Sweden, but also introduces to them the beauty of nature, with aesthetic landscape of mountains, volcano and greenery.

Janod Dinosaurs Chunky Puzzle

This educational toy by Janod will surely delight your little ones because of its double purpose. When not intended to use as a puzzle, you can take them out and let your kids' imagination bring them into their own Jurassic adventure. Encourage their sorting, dexterity and imagination skills as they sort them in their jungle puzzle.

Rex Dinosaur Volcano


Can you imagine that this steady little volcano will erupt and turn into a little dinosaur? Watch out! It grows bigger and bigger until it reaches its full size in 72 hours by adding water. Get ready to be surprised!

Jellycat Dino Tails Book

Yes, tails can come in different shapes, sizes, colors and even textures! But who would've compiled them as creatively as it is in this Jellycat Dino Tails Book ?

These epic dino tails will surely entertain your toddlers at first sight! Enhance your little one’s sensorimotor skills as he plays and explores these unique tails that can be described differently!

Numero 74 Mini Dinosaur

Who would've thought that as wild as these creatures are, they can be made approachable and charming? Yes, it's ironic, but cute at the same time.

Each of these dinosaurs soft toys by Numero 74 is uniquely handmade from felt with stitched features and comes in different colors, shapes and sizes. Talk about bringing out your kid's artistry and craft time for the whole family/friends!

RJB Stone Dino Skate Park Kid's Fork & Spoon Set

Make eating time extra fun, appetizing and memorable for your kids when you bring them this RJB Stone - Dino plate and fork and spoon set. The set, featuring characterful illustrations of dinosaurs with their skates on, has bold pops of colour and a youthful aesthetic. We guarantee kids will love it (and adults too!).

Made of bamboo and fibre, this set further proves how Dinos can be fun little creatures.

Janod Hat Boxed Dinosaurs Puzzle 

It is not a lunch box, but you can definitely bring it anywhere, especially when on the go. Open it and discover yet another Jurassic scenery, featuring 24 large pieces and your kids' all-time favorite dino-stars: T-rex, Pterodactyl and Stegosaurs, to name a few. Let them discover the rest and name them after they sort the challenging puzzle.

Depesche Dino World Colouring Book

Inspire your little artists and bring their fantasy closer to reality, by having this coloring book with lifelike dinosaur drawings inside. Aside from coloring them, your kids can draw and copy them. Another perk is, it comes with dino stickers too!

Depesche Dino World Ballpen 6 Colours

Imaginative and clever kids love having different colors in one, because it's fun and it allows them to express their creativity better. Loving dinosaurs is a bonus when you have a Depesche Dino World ballpen. Each ballpen has a Dino pendant attached at the clip (T-Rex or Triceratops) and contains 6 different lead colors: orange, green, red, brown, blue, and black.

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