Best 8 Innovative Christmas Gifts to Animate Kids’ Creativity

Inspire creativity this Christmas season with stimulating gifts that promise to keep little hands and minds happily engaged for hours on end!

This is a list of 8 wonderful products that are specifically designed with the goal of encouraging young minds to be creative. And not only do they serve that function superbly, but they do it in charming simplicity, impeccable style and marvelous versatility!

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1. Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block 42 Pieces

An alluring design, sleek and simple, perfect for small hands and young, inventive minds. This brilliant wooden block set is made from sustainably sourced, eco-friendly hardwoods, making it a high-quality toy that can be passed on from generation to generation.

It provides endless hours of unscripted play and really and truly it’s a building set that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike! So if you’re getting this for your own tiny builders, you can rest assured you won’t be bored for a second when you’re playing along!

Recommended age: 3 years +

Shop now: Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block 42 Pieces / All Tegu Wooden Blocks

2. Tegu Nelson Prism Pocket Pouch

Another winning gift from design-giants Tegu, but this time it’s smaller and perfect for traveling! Bus rides, train journeys, road trips, flights and restaurants will never again be daunting for your little ones, all thanks to this pint-size pouch that’s home to an exquisite set of magnetic prisms and parallelograms.

Not only are these colored blocks excellently made but they come in an attractive pouch that fits nicely in any purse or bag for some on-the-go creative fun! They’re the ideal gift to introduce your little architects to the wonderful world of Tegu.

Recommended age: 3 years +

Shop now: Tegu Nelson Prism Pocket Pouch  / All Tegu Wooden Blocks

3. KAPLA 8 Color Octocolor 100 Wooden Block Box

Planks are the new blocks on the block! These different colored wooden planks of pine are perfectly shaped for building anything a curious mind can conjure. These are building blocks that allow young ones to construct architecture, animals, people, furniture, monsters, whatever they set their mind to.

This isn’t simply a gift that inspires creativity, but it also motivates planning and problem-solving as your little contractors go about bringing their imagination to life and erecting their masterpieces!

Recommended age: 3 years +

Shop now: KAPLA 8 Color Octocolor 100 Wooden Block Box / All KAPLA Wooden Blocks

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4. Janod Wood Shape Sorter Drum

An exciting gift for babies, that turns shape-learning into a fun activity. The toy itself is actually quite a versatile one, serving as an instrument of sorts, a shape-sorting game, a rolling toy, and it can even be improvised as a type of puzzle, since the top of the rolling drum that has the shape cut-outs is actually removable.

It’s the perfect gift for curious babies who’ll definitely find something that they can bang, roll, fill and empty, utterly irresistible! You’ll basically be providing them with an interesting and enjoyable means of discovering the world of shapes and colors!

Recommended age: 18-36 months

Shop now: Janod Wood Shape Sorter Drum

5. Janod Zigolos Shape Box Pull Along Bear

A puzzle, shape sorter, color teaching tool, pull along and push along toy all rolled into one charming wooden gift that’ll keep your tiny loved ones engaged in a variety of ways. This unique toy comes in the form of a cute wooden bear that’s designed as pushing its own walker, carrying five different shapes.

Toddlers can even sort the shapes by matching colors, and since they’re at the age of proudly crawling around any chance they get, they’ll be happy to carry along with them bear and all to wherever it is they feel like playing!

Recommended age: 12 months +

Shop now: Janod Zigolos Shape Box Pull Along Bear

6. Janod Kubkid Alphabet Blocks 32pcs

Trust Janod to provide you with multi-purpose toys that serve a myriad of enjoyable and educational functions. This set of blocks is one of those multi-faceted gifts that can probably even be described as a baby-toy staple!

Not only are these fun blocks a learning tool, introducing young ones to the alphabet and helping them learn it whilst playing, building, shifting, sorting and jumbling, but apart from letters, each side of the block has something different, including animal pictures and punctuation marks. Plus, the set itself can actually serve as a puzzle as it features a colorful picture of animals themselves goofing around with giant letters!

Recommended age: 2 years +

Shop now: Janod Kubkid Alphabet Blocks 32pcs

7. Janod My First Blocks Baby Animals

Think of this toy as the toddler-version of a Rubik’s cube! It’s a delightful set of four wooden blocks that act as pieces of a puzzle as well as building blocks. When stacked in the correct way they reveal a picture of a baby animal.

Your own adorable little ones will definitely find pleasure in stacking these cubes to create images of a cute baby whale, penguin, dragonfly, bird, owl or hedgehog! And they’ll probably be even more delighted discovering all the strange and funny hybrid animals they give life to in the process!

Recommended age: 1-3 years

Shop now: Janod My First Blocks Baby Animals

8. Janod Equilibloc Color

Apart from acting as colorful building blocks, perfect for younger or older children to construct their own architectures, these vibrant blocks serve as an exciting game as well, one of equilibrium and daring!

The wooden block set comes with two small dice featuring different colors on each of their sides, corresponding to the various-colored blocks. It’s a game that can be enjoyed throughout childhood (and adulthood!) and it lends itself nicely to both group and individual play – a true all-rounder gift!

Recommended age: 3-10 years

Shop now: Janod Equilibloc Color

Petit Bazaar 2016 Christmas Catalogue

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