8 Arts & Crafts Products to Keep Kids Busy When Traveling

Summer’s finally with us, and though you might have been itching to spend more quality time with your kids and looking forward to going on that long-awaited summer holiday together, you can’t deny that long travelling hours can make anyone lose their mind … let alone young kids with attention spans shorter than you can say, “Are we there yet?”

The following are eight of the best arts and crafts products on the market right now. They will keep your kids busy on your trip, and you can easily participate in their activity too. That way you won’t risk having anyone dying of boredom, not to mention that you’ll be promoting creativity in your young ones!

1. Sentosphere Bracelets de Star

This Sentosphere Bracelets de Star Kit can keep your kids occupied for hours and hours! With it they’ll be able to create up to five different, colourful bracelets of 5 to 6cm in diameter. The kit includes various coloured acrylic pearls and jewel stones, plus a special adhesive and a set of easy-to-follow instructions.

Your little ones will quite certainly enjoy creating different bracelets for themselves, their siblings, friends or even for you! And you can join in the process by offering to be their assistant – a perfect bonding experience. They’ll definitely have fun layering the different coloured beads and seeing the results of the various combinations. Also, they can make a memento of your trip – something to cherish forever.

2. Playon Primary Crayon

This is as enjoyable as crayons can get. These cute, chunky Playon crayons are perfect for children over two years of age. The box includes 12 individual different coloured crayons for your kids to play with. They are made of wax and are certified as non-toxic by the Art & Creative Materials Institute, USA.

These funny-looking, stubby crayons are enjoyable for your kids to use and are quite strong, so you won’t have to worry about your overly enthusiastic kids breaking them and halting the fun. The vibrant crayons are actually stackable and that in itself can be a game to keep your younger ones entertained. As far as drawing goes, make sure you have plenty of paper available, and you’re looking at endless hours of engagement with these crayons!

3. Depesche Princess Mimi My Style Princess Beads Set To Slide On

This precious little bead set comes in a pretty, pink box that’s small enough to carry in the palm of your hand, making it the perfect travelling entertainment kit for your crafty kid. The cute box includes plenty of pendants and beads of different colours for your creative little ones to make their own necklaces and bracelets. Also, the box itself can be reused after your kids have exhausted all possible bead combinations!

Your children will surely enjoy creating something all by themselves and they’ll definitely love flaunting it when they finish making it. And if they give you one of their creations as a token, they’ll be delighted watching you wearing it with pride!

4. Depesche Top Model Tattoos

Oh, don’t worry, these are only temporary tattoos. Actually, this is a book of stickers that are easy to transfer to skin and simple to then remove. The book contains six sheets of various picture designs and fancy lettering. These ‘tattoos’ stay on for just the right amount of time before your artsy kids get bored of them, and if that happens before they disappear on their own, you can easily wash them off with soap and water.

Your imaginative kids will be thrilled with creating different designs with all the various pictures and letters available. And what better canvas to display their art proudly than their own skin? So be prepared for colourful little arms, legs and possibly even faces!

5. DEUZ The Sketchbook – Wolf

You can’t really go wrong with drawing when it comes to finding activities to keep your kids busy. Drawing is also a fun means of revving up those creative little brains. What’s more, they can do it anywhere, anytime and it requires very little equipment to make it happen: imagination (with which your little ones are brimming), pens (the more colourful the better) and a sketchbook that can make their dreams a reality.

This is one such sketchbook. Easy to slide in your kid’s backpack, it is nicely spiral-bound and has perforated pages ready to be doodled on. It contains 100 pages of 150g paper that is sourced from sustainable forests – it’s great to let your kids know they’re helping the environment whilst they’re drawing funny faces!

6. eeBoo Rocket Flourescent Sketchbook

This is another winner in the world of sketchbooks, and it’s a real beauty. It’s spiral-bound and hard-backed, and contains 60 sheets of high-quality blank sketching paper. It’s the perfect size for carrying around and it’s incredibly sturdy. The cover can stand for wear and tear, so you can rest assured it will last all throughout your trip.

What makes this sketchbook special is its brilliant cover, not just because it’s strong but also because of its design. It’s illustrated by Saxton Freymann and features a vibrant cartoon depiction of aliens in space, which perfectly serves as inspiration to get your little ones’ imagination wheels turning!

7. Rex Rambling Rose School Drawing Set

What’s a sketchbook worth without a decent array of coloured pencils? Here you have a whole drawing set that’s as pretty as it is complete. The pocket’s design is both classy and cute, not to mention convenient. It’s arguably every little sketching girl’s dream.

The set includes 12 coloured pencils specifically designed for drawing, a wooden pencil sharpener and ruler, metal paper scissors and eraser, artists’ pencils with erasers, and even a letter and number stencil. To top it all off it also includes a 60 page artists’ pad that fits perfectly in the pocket – all the supplies you need to send your kids off to imagination land, in the prettiest packaging possible.

8. 4M ross Stitch Kit

Cross stitching is fun for everyone, and it couldn’t be easier to do with this 4M Cross Stitch Kit! It includes everything you need to make either a butterfly bag, a pen holder or four colourful coasters: two plastic canvases, a plastic needle, yarns of various colours, design templates and instructions that are easy to grasp.

Your kids will not only enjoy the creating process but they’ll also be practising following instructions, paying attention to detail, and they’ll possibly even be testing their patience! And they’ll be absolutely delighted and full of satisfaction at their finished product. So go on, introduce your kids to this classic hobby!

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