8 Travel Must-Have for Both Parents & Kids

A holiday with the kids already shouts fun (and probably stress!) but these incredible travel buys will make your voyages even more enjoyable and comfortable. Here you have a lovely spread of 8 spectacular items – a directory that can even serve as a checklist of purchases before you finish your packing!

1. DEUZ ABC English and French Flash Cards


Printed on sturdy and durable recycled card, these bold-colored alphabet flash cards feature English and French words. They’re delightfully engaging as one side has clues for your tots to guess the word on the reverse side! Especially perfect for when you’re travelling to Europe they’ll help your little ones to enjoyably learn both languages.

Shop now: DEUZ ABC English and French Flash Cards

2. Tegu’s On-the-go Building Blocks


Minimalist little felt pouches home high-quality sets of magnetic wooden blocks that come in two different shapes. This brilliant portable toy is small enough to be easily carried around to restaurants, on walks, train rides or even flights. It will keep your little ones curiously engaged for hours on end!

Shop now: Tegu’s On-the-go Building Blocks

3. Leap & Hop Travel Activity Books for Kids

If you’re planning on visiting Cambodia, India, Bali, Hong Kong, Paris or Sri Lanka, these books are the perfect solution for getting your kids psyched about the trip. They will tickle your kids’ curiosity to learn about different cultures, through drawing and scrapbooking. Let your own kids be your tour guides!

Shop now: Leap & Hop Travel Activity Books for Kids

4. MIMI'lou Rio Multicolor Tattoo

Whether you’re really going to Rio or to any other sunny destination, these temporary tattoos will definitely put your kids (or you!) in the holiday mood! With a total of 20 different illustrations, including a pineapple, coconut, ice lollies and palm trees, these colorful tattoos are super fun, easy to apply and will hold for up to 5 days!

Shop now: MIMI'lou Rio Multicolor Tattoo

5. Billieblush Baby Girls Striped Straw Hat

If your trip is going to take you and your little diva to someplace sunny, don’t skimp on sun protection. And what cuter way to protect your kid from sun rays than with this adorable, chic hat. This two-toned fedora is both stylish and comfortable, with its light hues complementing any outfit.

Shop now: Billieblush Baby Girls Striped Straw Hat

6. Numero 74 Scarf

This 100% cotton scarf for moms and kids is super light and feels incredibly soft. It comes in a number of  colors, all with gold side-stitching and fringes. It’s an exquisite piece of clothing that’s indispensable if you’re heading somewhere hot for your holiday.

Shop now: Numero 74 Scarf

7. Numero 74 Purse and Bag

Travelling with young ones undoubtedly means having lots to carry, especially when shopping. Invite your kids to play a more active role in the shopping experience with this unisex bag and envelope available in a beautiful array of colors. The bag has a waterproof lining on the inside, so you won’t have to worry about those inevitable messes!

Shop now: Numero 74 Purse and Bag

8. Kate Wood Originals Wooden Sunglasses


These unique handcrafted sunglasses are perfect for the travelling mom. Natural wood is used to make these exceptional pairs of sunglasses in a 30-step process. They come in a variety of distinct designs and colors, so you most definitely won’t have trouble finding one to fall in love with.

Shop now: Kate Wood Originals Wooden Sunglasses

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