3 Reasons Why Rugs are Essential for Baby Nurseries & How to Buy One

Why rugs are essential to baby nurseries

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As you plan your nursery, one of the major considerations is choosing a rug. This is extremely important in terms of safety, comfort, convenience and the learning and growth of your little one.

3 Reasons Why Buying a Rug for Nursery is Essential

Safety First

Many carpets are made from synthetic fibers which can contain toxic chemicals. Natural rugs provide a barrier for your baby from these chemicals. So when you buy rugs for your baby’s nursery, they will absorb dusts and pollutants which will lower the off-gassing from carpets.

Once those inquisitive little souls start escaping from their cribs or changing tables, or start crawling and walking around, rugs make for a nice soft landing. Make sure that the rug is close enough to the crib and the changing table so young adventurers don’t get hurt. If you’ve got a rug on hard flooring make sure that it is properly and safely attached to the floor. You’ll also need to consider the positioning of the rug, so that it doesn’t cause anyone to trip over the ends of it. 


Having a rug in your nursery is extremely convenient. You don’t have to worry about spills and stains because you can easily clean or replace it. If you have got a washable rug, you can even wash it in your washing machine at home anytime you like. No more chemical from dry cleaners.

Décor Delight

Choosing a rug that fits with your nursery can really bring the décor together. You can choose from many different designs and colors that will add a dash of charm and interest to the room that a normal hard floor or carpet won’t do. Also, if you’ve got hard flooring, a rug will keep the area warm too.

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How to Choose the Right Rug for your Nursery

There are so many different rugs to choose from, so how do you know what the best type of rug is for you?

What Materials to Choose?

We strongly suggest that you go for natural fibers for your nursery rugs to avoid those nasty toxins getting to your kids. Look for rugs with jute or natural latex backing and vegetable dyes or even better, a rug that has no backing as it’s easier to clean.

There are many natural materials like wool, cotton, jute, sisal, sheep skin and seagrass too. In terms of materials we suggest the following:

Wool – this is used a lot in rugs and they are extremely soft while being tough at the same time. They repel dirt and stains and are dust and mite resistant.

Cotton – cotton is a fantastic choice for nurseries, as it’s soft, absorbent and durable too. The best part about cotton is that they are mostly machine washable which means you don’t have to take it to professional dryer cleaners. No chemicals. Ideal for kids with allergies.

Sheep skin rugs – these are extremely popular in nurseries and add that touch of luxury. They are one of the safest, non-toxic and organic rugs out there. Sheepskin rugs are durable and don’t stain too easily. They are also perfect for people with allergies as they don’t build up as much dust as some other fibers.

Design and Shape

Another thing to consider is the design and shape of the rug for your nursery. The design will be a very personal choice, and you’ll find plenty of options to make your nursery look extra special.

When choosing a rug design you will need to take into account what is in your nursery already, to ensure it all ties together. If you’ve got lots of patterns and colors already, then a simpler design will work best. Also dark colors will make the room look smaller whereas lighter colors will open up the room and make it look larger.

Remember that the busier the nursery is, the smaller it will look, so try and get a balance of colors and patterns.

The shape of your nursery rug will depend on the shape and size of your nursery as well as safety. If you do have carpet or hard flooring in the nursery, then try and cover up as much floor space.

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Rugs are now available in different shapes and designs. Pick one that fits the overall atmosphere of your baby's room.


Your budget will be another consideration to take into account. Natural fibers are more expensive, with wool being the most expensive. Handmade, denser weave and tighter yarn rugs are all more expensive options but are generally very hard wearing. If you’re working with a limited budget, rather consider a rug that has a lower density and yarn twist but is made from a more expensive natural fiber that won’t give off gas toxins.

Hopefully the above information has been helpful for you in choosing the perfect nursery rug for your precious bundle of joy. 

If you care about your children's health, check out the machine-washable rug collection by Lorena Canals. All of their rugs are handcrafted with 100% natural cotton, non-toxic dyes, and are authenticated by the AITEX Certificate (Technologic and Textile Institute) that they are completely safe for children. Without taking the rugs to dry cleaners, your children, especially if they suffer from allergies, will be well protected against harmful chemicals.

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