9 Stylish Father’s Day Gifts from Men’s Society

Finding a gift daddy will love is almost never an easy task. That’s why we’re here singing praises for UK brand Men’s Society. They’re an oasis of men’s gifts, and we’re not just talking about tacky presents daddy will smile at but then never use.

These are 10 top-quality gifts designs to create that ever-allusive sparkle in any fathers’ eyes. Kits, cases and accessories to say ‘thank you’ in the neatest and chicest way!

My Dad Rocks Whiskey Stones

Whiskey stones are a great alternative to ice. Drop them in whiskey, or any tipple, to chill the drink without diluting.

Made from 100% Soapstone, which harbours less bacteria and fewer impurities than ice. These whiskey stones can be reused time and time again, just wash and freeze again in their bag.

Perfect for travelling, where the water isn't safe to drink these whisky stones can be used instead of ice cubes.

Anchor Bottle Opener


This cast iron bottle opener, finished in an antique rustic brown colour and shaped like an anchor, is the perfect gift for any beer lover. Stylish and functional and sure to last a lifetime! Suitable for home bars, man caves, and stylish kitchens.

Off To The Gym Kit

Feeling pumped, looking hench, now top it off with this essential gym kit for any gym-goer.

Wash the face and body with high quality, natural ingredients. Brush the teeth to keep breath fresh and make sure the hair's as shaped as the chest with the hair wax.

Suitable for hardened regulars, just-joined heroes, and giving the man who loves to pump iron.

Handsome Hands Hand Cream

This Handsome Hands moisturising hand cream, is the perfect gift for any man who who works hard.

Designed to soothe his skin, repleshing lost moisture and help to heal the damage of daily wear and tear. This hand cream has a thick luxurious texture, it will soften his hand and make them look damn handsome.

With a light refreshing natural scent of Peppermint and Lemon essential oils, this non-greasy hand cream, moisturises without leaving a drying residue.

Daddy Cool Sneaker Cleaning Kit

Your dad will be look killer with this deluxe sneaker cleaning kit. His favourite shoes will be box fresh in no time and he'll be showing them off to anyone who'll look. Why buy him new shoes? He'll never grow out of the ones he's got.

Dapper Daddy Shoe Polish Kit

Dads love to look their best. He's not walking down the street, he's parading his sexy dad-bod. Help him complete the looks with ultra shiny shoes!

He'll be oozing confidence and showing off his glistening toe caps to anyone who'll pay attention.

Moustache Shaped Comb Key Ring with Leather Case

This wonderful moustache comb and key ring is the perfect gift for the stylish moustache sporting fellow.

This great moustache comb is a great quirky gift for anyone sporting a proud moustache or beard. Perfect to fit in the pocket. With the large hoop to hold the keys it is an unusual but wonderful unique keyring.

The moustache comb has a wonderful curly moustache shape and is housed in a beautiful handmade blue leather holster.

XO Cufflinks

Kick the understated shirt game up a notch with these brass plated cuff links.

They come nestled inside a gold stamped cardboard box, making it the perfect gift for the aspiring gentleman in your life.

These brass plated cufflinks are beautifully crafted for an excellent fit. Sure to make any handsome fella smile.

"Think" Money Clip

This 'Think' engraved brass money clip is the perfect gift for the man that doesn't like to use a thick heavy wallet. Perfectly packaged in an awesome kraft gift box with gold foil decoration.

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