Children’s Room Idea: 7 Best Kids’ Desks That Turn Homework Into Play

Kids grow and change fast and so does the need for their own desk and table. We must meet their growing needs for personal workspace. But how to choose an ideal desk and table, with so many choices around you?

Organizing your child's workspace can be a difficult task, but we're here to help! Check out these pieces that will make the perfect little office!

Les Gambettes Regine Child Desk with Little Suzie Chair

With this retro looking Regine desk by French-brand Les Gambettes, playing school at home got in toto new meaning!

Regine desk has a concise, clean design, with a spacious drawer for books, pencil cases, notebooks, and other accessories in your kid's favorite characters and colors. A breeze of vintage spirit, along with fun little Suzie chair to spice thing up, this is definitely the IT choice this year. 

Oeuf Brooklyn Desk

Kids grow and change fast and they need furniture that will grow with them. But there is no need for spending money on the new desk every year because US-brand Oeuf invented a perfect solution.

A piece from their collection, Oeuf Brooklyn Desk, has an adjustable height that can go even up to adult height! Plus, the moveable storage boxes will make storing stationery and books easy and fun. This eco-friendly product will go perfectly with your other eco-friendly appliances.

Laurette Bureau La Classe Desk and Chair Set

One more classical desk from the French brand, Laurette, an ideal choice for every preschooler who wants to be treated like an adult.

Broad desk with 1 drawer will make sure that your little one keeps all their important drawings and crayons organized. It comes with a hand painted, adult lookalike desktop chair, as a set. Let your dearest tell a story with this Laurette handmade furniture.

Laurette Bureau de Comptable Accountant Desk with Laurette Chaise à Patins Chair

Laurette's hand-painted desk from France, rich in wood and packed with 4 drawers is all you'll ever going to need to turn your room into a homework command station. A fold-down workbench on the left side is a splendid surface expansion for a laptop or a tablet. The desk itself consists of 2 colors, inner and outer; so you must find one that fits the room's atmosphere.

An Accountant desk requires a stable but modern looking chair, just like Laurette's Chaise à Patins durable chair.

Laurette Bureau L65 Desk with Laurette Chaise à Patins Chair

A futuristic, visionary desk. This cutting-edge desk from French-brand Laurette has 3 vast drawers and 2 bookcases at the back of the desk enabling you to arrange all your papers, accessories and books.

Its curved and geometrical lines inspire creativity and call you to sit down and work on its hand painted surface. It goes hand in hand with Laurette's Chaise à Patins modish chair.



Oeuf Play Table with Oeuf Play Chair

Oeuf from the US helps you design your kid's room in a modern, yet eco-friendly way. This posh white table is perfect for your child's endless play.

Oeuf makes two different styles of play chairs, one that features bear ears and the other with rabbit ears, making sure that the little one sits comfortably while spending hours playing.

And the best of all? After your little mischief-maker is finished with painting desk in rainbow colors, simply wipe it out, thanks to its easy-to-clean laminate tabletop!

Childhome Small Desk

This simple and stylish white desk by Childhome from Belgium contains a large open storage space so that your kid can comfortably organize its school papers, notebooks, and other important stuff (maybe a secret diary).

A great addition is a matching bench with backrest, and a small hook on the side, creating the perfect place to hang your child’s backpack!

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