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Arts and crafts with seedling workshop at petit bazaar

Creativity is one of those words that is bursting with vitality. It's full of life, full of passion, and full of spirit. We all know that creativity has positive associations for nearly everyone, and specially for kids ! Arts develop feeling skill. Crafts develop thinking, relating, and coordinating skills. We know that participating in arts and crafts activities activates both sides of the brain, both types of activities are excellent for helping children reach their full potential. Children retain what they learn much better when hands-on activities go along with that learning. We found these research results very interesting. People learn
  • 10% of what they READ
  • 20% of what they HEAR
  • 30% of what they SEE
  • 50% of what they HEAR and READ
  • 70% of what they SAY and,
  • 90% of what they DO !
Seedling at petit bazaar is a fabulous event on wednesday 20th of march to discover in real how seedling's arts and crafts are structured projects with a pre-determined goal, they are project-oriented activities with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Also they have many activities which involve assembly of 3-dimensional materials which can then be decorated. Plus all the specific materials required are provided in one set box. They are great for arts and crafts at home and amazing gifts ! On wednesday Mim Thondon will be in our Wan Chai boutique and will run a workshop activity based on The Creative Card making Kit. As Easter is coming very soon each child participating will make an Easter card. You can find below all the details to come and participate. The workshop will run on 3 sessions of 30 min of 8 children per session aged 3 to 8 years old  at 1.     4pm 2.    4.30 pm 3.    5 pm.

The cost is $100 per child.

In Wan Chai boutique , 80 Queens Road East. Registration in our 3 boutiques Wan Chai, Sheung Wan, Stanley or online registration: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Natural Pencils

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