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Top 5 Must-Have Construction Toys for Your Mini DIY-ers

If your mind is hammering away, trying to pin down the perfect toy for the little carpenters in your life, you can stop the racket your brain’s making this instant, because we’ve already picked out for you the best construction-related toys out there.

These five excellent toys will guarantee jumpy kids with big grins and eager little hands, ready to get cracking at making things and taking them apart – hobbies that any curious kid is bound to harbor!

Janod Redmaster Bricolo DIY Magnetic Trolley

Excited to have a little waddling débutante? This tool kit trolley might very well become his or her new best buddy. It’s a wooden walker and workbench rolled into one sturdy multi-functional toy.

The trolley also comes with a magnetic board so your little craftsmen can keep their tools organized and handy. And since the workbench doubles as a walker, any room of the house can serve as their workshop!

Janod Redmaster Bricolo DIY Barrel 100 pcs

If your little mechanics are ready for handiwork that requires more precision, we have just the thing for them: an awesome barrel that’s jam-packed with wooden nuts, screws, bolts, washers, planks and blocks, plus the cutest wrench and screwdriver you’ll probably ever lay eyes on!

This terrific barrel is perfect for getting little hands to practise their finer motor skills, as well as for stimulating creativity, not just through inspiring imagination but also in areas of problem-solving. It can keep your mini artisans happily engaged for hours on end, building crazy machines to take pride in!

Janod Redmaster Bricolo Kit

A complementing gift to Janod’s DIY Barrel, and the perfect addition to any kid’s play atelier, this ace wooden tool kit houses 9 wooden tools that will turn your little construction worker into more of a professional!

What’s great about this sturdy kit is how wonderfully it lends itself to on-the-go play. Kids can easily carry their tools wherever their job calls for them. Imaginary leak in mummy’s sink? Fictitious loose chain in brother’s bike? No problem guys, let me just fetch my tools!

Janod Redmaster Bricolo DIY Giant Magnetic Workbench

If your junior journeymen are ready to take their skills to the next level, they definitely deserve a proper workbench on which they can plan, build, disassemble and fix to their heart’s desire! This exciting magnetic workbench has ample workspace and a whopping 40 accessories to play with.

What’s special about this wonderful DIY toy is that it also features a clock and chalkboard, so your petite smith can practise other skills, like learning the time, planning and drawing. What’s more, if you pair this toy with the Bricolo Redmaster Truck you can transform it into a mobile workbench!

Activity Work Bench

Another toy workbench that’s just as exceptional conveniently doubles as a low writing table. This means your mini aspiring draftsmen can draw up their construction plans on one side and actually bring their wacky creations to life on the other!

This outstanding activity workbench comes equipped with all the necessary tools and accessories, including a hammer, wrench, screwdriver, clamp, pegs, nuts, bolts, the works. It promises to keep your minute engineer happily busy learning, discovering and creating.

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