Turn Your Kid’s Room into a Magical Forest with These Night Lights


Getting your little one some new room decor for the new year. These delightful lamps from Belgium might very well be the missing piece in your kid's room. Carrying such delicate charm, they promise to transform the room into a magical forest.

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★ Choose from different shapes, ranging from forest friends like the rabbit and fawn, to a beautiful array of different-coloured mushrooms.

★ Since the mushroom lamps come in a variety of colours and sizes, you can easily create a pretty arrangement that guarantees to make the room’s atmosphere inviting.

★ Ideal as nightlights for your little dreamers. They give a veiled light that’s soft enough to be soothing for babies; the prettiest way to help your young ones drift off to sleep fuss-free.

★ Timeless, beautiful designs so you won’t just be getting a light but also a lovely ornament to further embellish your young one’s hideaway.

★ Add just the right touch of fairytale allure to your little one’s room, and whether switched on or off, these graceful lamps look absolutely divine.

★ The different designs’ soft tones lend the lamps adaptable to different room styles, be it retro-inspired or modern-chic.







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