House Doctor: The Perfect “Prescription” for a Stylish Home

The creative Juhl siblings from Denmark have been steadily creating a solid fan base ever since they launched the company, House Doctor. Their passion eventually led to the birth of some exquisite products, each one contemporary, luxurious and uniquely beautiful. It has become synonymous with impeccable style and original design.

Designers from House Doctor pledge to cure your home from blandness with their authentic medicine: modern and stylish products that’ll give your house just the right dose of suave, whether it’s needed in your living room, kitchen, or home office.

If a room in your house needs a fresh makeover, House Doctor will come to the rescue with this simple yet striking ball lamp. A centerpiece in itself!

Looking for something a bit more industrial-themed? The Mall Made lamp will help you achieve that look whilst keeping the room feeling clean and sleek. A modern masterpiece.

House Doctor has you covered from ceiling to floor, quite literally. Rugs in neutral colors, that serve to add comfort and warmth to any area, easily blending in with your decor whilst at the same time subtly making a stylish statement. What else could we ask from a rug?

De-clutter in style with these enticing wire baskets. They’re equipped with handles for you to easily carry (or better yet, strut!) your stuff from one place to other, which fold in to allow you to stack multiple baskets on top of each other. What a beaut!

Moving onto the kitchen, House Doctor has left us drooling over their divine cutlery.

The Ox range is the perfect everyday cutlery set that’s both stylish and durable.

And for special occasions there’s this elegant titanium gold plated stainless steel set. Yes, you read that right. High-class hosting guaranteed!

Oh, and don’t forget these dessert essentials for some dapper cake-serving! 

The devil is in the detail when it comes to decorating, even though ironically, House Doctor’s leather ribbon range is nothing short of heavenly!

The genius trio at House Doctor also understand that a house isn’t just a space for cooking, eating and relaxing. Many times it’s also serves as a workspace, and the designer siblings feel it’s vital for such a space to be both comfortable and inspiring. This Mix desk definitely sets the scene!

So much is the home office taken seriously by the brand that they’ve even created a special Monograph line, featuring tempting stationery with a clean look that leaves room for fresh motivation.


 You can also treat yourself to these brass beauties. We’re left wanting to bookmark and clip every paper in our own office!

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