Delicately Illuminate Kids’ Room with Numero 74 Ethereal Cotton Star Lanterns


Can't find a night light that's not an eyesore for your baby's room? Italian brand Numero74 have conjured up these truly splendid star lanterns that are stellar, whether or not they're switched on!

★ Delicate soft cotton covering a metal star frame. A classic piece to give your little one's room just the right touch of Bohemian charm.

★ Permeates the room with a warm glow thanks to its fairy lights. Will greatly amplify ethereal ambiance, making the room feel more comfy!

★ Ideal as a night light. Perfect for your nursery to help soothe fussy babies and help them sleep.

★ Comes with a loop hanger at the top so you can easily hang it up. Create a lovely night-sky effect with sets of these beauties or magically decorate your tots' windows!

★ Handmade by incredible artisans. Each creation is unique, its beauty can be admired by adult and child alike.




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