french Kids room

Children’s Rooms with a French look: Shop the Style

The modern french nursery is unique. Hong Kong may be best known for it's love of chandeliers and Swarovski crystals, but petit bazaar provides an antidote to all the bling with a softer, child-friendly, European style that makes kids feel at home and parents the most stylish in town. Not sure quite how to get the french style for your kids rooms? Here's a quick cheat sheet for this stylish reading room: French Style Kids rooms and children's bedroom HK TIPS: A convertible cot will transform into a kids sofa and can be used for years to come. Soft furnishings provide the heart and soul of the room, it's the small details that count in this room that can be recreated in any Hong Kong rental apartment, with neutral colour walls.  A wall rack for colouring books, sticker books and your kids favourite reads will also save space whilst creating a gorgeously organised feel and focal point on the wall. Shop for children and furniture HK To shop the look now visit 9 Gough Street, 80 Queens Road East or 9 Market Road Stanley

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