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Children’s room: what colours should you choose?

The décor in the room of a child changes as quickly as the child grows. To create a colourful room that matches your child’s personality, here are 10 very inspired ideas! Big or small, it is not always easy to know which colours you should use in your child’s room. Although pink for a girl and blue for a boy are always tempting, it is better to think outside the box. Today, the world of decorating is exploring more imaginative and prominent ideas in a child’s room. Suffice to say, you’ll be spoiled for choice! Before embarking on decorating, why not start by asking your child what theme and what colours they would like in their space? The answer is not always what we think. Regardless, it is nice to determine the mood for the room. Then it is up to you. petit bazaar is a great place to find accessories and decor from neutrals to neon. (http://www.petit-bazaar.com)
  1. Pastel colours for a child’s bedroom 
A very fashionable choice this summer, pastel colours dress a room gently. On a background of yellow, you can use more colours whilst maintaining the harmony of the room. The idea is to brighten up the room without being too aggressive.

1. Zara Home

  1. Green room for a little guy
Green is a solid and variable colour for a nursery. Rather than creating a clear, delicate atmosphere, different tones of green can create an air of retro fun for the boys. Add a mix of blue, as seen here on the linen, to compliment the green.

2. Dwell Studio

  1. Touches of blue in the nursery
Suitable for a boy’s room, the blue also adapts readily to a girl’s room when used sparingly. For stylistic effect, multiply the tones you use: from turquoise to indigo through to sly blue.

3. Maisons du Monde

  1. Orange: a girly and stylish room
Rather unexpected in a bedroom, the colour orange works wonders especially for girls. A great alternative to pink, it creates a gentle and delicate atmosphere. We love to add red liberty print items to accentuate its lighter and spring themed side. 4. 3 Suisses
  1. Why not an all-white room?
Having been very popular for a while, white appears as a chic and understated look. And why not in a child’s room? From floor to ceiling, and furniture, enjoy experimenting with varying shades of white and different textures for an assured Zen atmosphere 5. Oliver Furniture
  1. Yellow full of pep
Bright yellow colours in a child’s room is a fun and out there way to decorate. It is often difficult to paint a whole room yellow and choose the right shade however decorative accessories and bedding are a good way to sprinkle a bit of yellow in the room instead.  polka wall paper with oeuf
  1. Powdery atmosphere in the nursery
Want a real princess bedroom without bright, candy colours? A mix of white and life purple with a sprinkling of liberty patterns completes the look perfectly. 7. Maisons du Monde
  1. A rainbow nursery
If you dream of a vibrant room for your child, this theme is for you! On one wall, paint stripes of varying widths of colour to bring joy and good humour. To create an explosive wall, launch into new combinations of colour. 8. Fly
  1. Neutral tones provide a stylish solution
Far from the rainbow style, neutral colours are also significant in a child’s room. Easy to pair with each other, they also provide a sense of well-being and tranquillity. Play with grey, beige and other soft colours to perfect the look. 9. AM.PM
  1. Prehistoric atmosphere for dinosaur addicts!
Another look at green, this nursery is heavily influenced through a nature image. Dress the room in dominant khaki and shades of green to bring light and character into the room. 10. Vertbaudet   Photo credits listed on each photo: Cotemaison.fr  

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