10 Décor Products to Make Your Little One’s Room Enchanting

Your little ones’ room is already heavenly just because they’re in it, but these 10 home décor products will undoubtedly make it all the more enchanting. From lighting to wall and floor furnishings to storage solutions, they are the most striking children’s room décor items you’ll ever come across.

1. Bloomingville Display Box

Bloomingville display box

Display your kids’ trinkets, toys and favorite items in style with these precious display boxes by Bloomingville. They’re made of natural wood and they come in a variety of pretty shapes: houses, hexagons and different sized squares. These Danish designs feature beautiful prints and pastels. Some of them have shelving compartments so your little ones can store their ornaments neatly. Mix and match different sets for a fantastic Scandinavian-inspired display.

Shop now: Bloomingville Display Box

2. Rice Toy Storage Baskets

Rice Toy Storage Basket

Having kids means never having enough storage space. But if you’re looking to declutter your kids’ room, there’s no need to rule out aesthetics from the picture. This amazing Rice toy storage basket collection is as pretty as it is convenient. Stow away your tots’ play things in a beautiful house basket which can serve as a toy in itself, or in decorative handmade raffia baskets that will leave your kids’ room looking both tidy and charming.

Shop now: Rice Toy Storage Baskets

3. MIMI'lou Circus Wall Border Sticker

Mimi'lou Circus Wall Border

Give your kids’ room a quick, colorful upgrade with this circus wall border sticker. It’s 5 meters in length and can be applied to any smooth surface, be it walls, windows, furniture or mirrors. Your little ones’ room will get a mini makeover in just 5 minutes with this easy-to-apply sticker! Actually it’s both simple to transfer and easy to remove. This is great news for those who are renting, as it’s the perfect alternative to wallpaper. And it’s super fun, with the multi-colored animal stickers bringing any kids’ play space to life!

Shop now: MIMI'lou Circus Wall Border Sticker

4. Tresxics 10 Dots Wall Stickers and Hanger Set

Tresxics 10 Dots Wall Stickers and Hanger Set

This colorful wall hanger is like none other. It has seven dot-shaped hooks constructed of steel coated with white paint, and it comes with ten pastel-colored textile sticker dots that are repositionable. That way you can decorate your kids’ space whichever way they want. The stickers are super easy to apply and they create a lovely array of light pastels that your kids will love boasting. And needless to say, apart from being pretty, these hangers are indispensable in any space where kids roam!

Shop now: Tresxics 10 Dots Wall Stickers and Hanger Set

5. Lorena Canals Machine-Washable Rugs

Lorena Canals Machine Washable Rug

It’s no secret that where there are kids involved, there are normally also messes in the equation. While you can’t really prevent certain muddles and messes, what you can do is be prepared for them. This exquisite machine-washable rug collection by Lorena Canals is the perfect combination of appeal and practicality. Decorate the room with a gorgeous rug that won’t leave you crying over spilt milk, literally. When the rug gets dirty – something which is bound to happen sooner rather than later in a room – there’s no need for special dry cleaning. Just pop it into the washing machine and it’s as good as new. What's more, you can protect your kids against chemicals from dry cleaners!

Shop now: Lorena Canals Machine-Washable Rugs

6. The Piña Colada Lamp

Goodnight Light Pina Colada Lamp

What better way to light up your kids’ room than with these contemporary and original pineapple-shaped lamps? These Spanish, handmade, and molded vinyl lamps come in a variety of colors. They’re the perfect mixture of modern and kitsch, minimalist and retro. Not only do they give the room that desirable, warm glow (at both daytime and nighttime), but they’re also perfect for introducing your young ones to the exotic beauty of this fruit. Placed next to each other, these lamps create a colorful display that stands out. Your little ones will surely find them as delightful as we do!

Shop now: Piña Colada Lamp

7. Challières Birdcage Lamp

Challières Birdcage Lamp

Look no further for a lamp or chandelier that will truly be a conversation piece no matter the room it’s in. Each enchanting piece in the range is handmade. Your kids will love these large, decorative wire cages that are home to a number of beautifully colored stuffed birds made from real feathers. They’re a wonderful way of introducing your young ones to nature’s beauty. And since each cage light fixture is individually handcrafted you know you’ll be getting an enchanting, authentically unique piece that will literally and aesthetically-speaking light up the room.

Shop now: Challières Birdcage Lamp

8. La case de Cousin Paul Fairy Light Sets

La case de Cousin Paul Fairy Light Sets

For an original lighting solution in your young ones’ room these fairly lights sets are ideal. They’re available in a variety of colors, and you can choose whether you want to decorate the area with bold colors or subtler, lighter ones, or even mix and match for an exceptional array. These sets are assembled in France by staff that needs specialized care, at a facility promoting employment for people with disabilities. So not only are they easy on the eyes, but they’re a wonderful means of helping out the community, a lovely lesson for your young ones.

Shop now: La case de Cousin Paul Fairy Light Sets

9. Numero 74 Mix Blue Pom Pom Garland

Numero 74 Mix Blue Pom Pom Garland

This simple yet elegantly sweet garland is bound to create a warm atmosphere in your young ones’ room. It’s a handmade piece designed by Italian and French cousins in Italy, and it would make a lovely addition to any kids’ bedroom. This uniquely handcrafted garland is made from high quality wool and cotton and it measures 2.5 meters in length. It will turn your wall from bland to appealing and from cold to comely.

Shop now: Numero 74 Mix Blue Pom Pom Garland

10. Blabla Dolls

Blabla Dolls

Not enough can be said about this adorable doll collection. Give your little ones a gift to last a lifetime, a present they can cherish forever and build memories with. There’s a vast selection of knit and giant dolls available for them to choose from. They’re sure to find one (or two) to fall in love with! These special dolls are made by traditional Peruvian knitters for this company that’s completely committed to fair-trade, making them tender gifts that instill environmental awareness.

Shop now: Blabla Dolls


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