Special Christmas : New arrivals at Petit bazaar

Petit bazaar

Christmas is right around the corner and Petit bazaar has all you need to spoil your little one! This year again, Petit bazaar carries a unique selection of babies, toddlers & kids toys, games and gifts. Now is the time to get … Continue reading 

100 Children’s Christmas Gift Ideas: TOP 20 WOODEN TOYS

Christmas gift ideas for children Hong Kong

Shopping for Christmas gifts in Hong Kong needn’t be a headache, with our handy guide to the latest children’s Christmas gift ideas. What’s more, all the toys, games and gifts from petit bazaar are chosen for their educational value or … Continue reading 

Kids Vintage Gifts, Suitcases and Ideas

Vintage toys and gifts hong kong

We love Vintage! The more floral the better, so that’s why we put together a special collection of vintage floral items on our website, that you can purchase online. From kids clothes (in stores only) to kitchenware, gifts, toys and … Continue reading 

Best Birthday Gift ideas for kids aged 0 – 5 years

We know we know, there’s so MANY items in store, so here’s our pick of the best birthday presents in Hong Kong for boys or girls from age 0 – 5yrs. Now these are just our personal faves, things our kids love and gifts that have gone down really well for us in the past – there’s plenty more to choose from in stores or online at www.petit-bazaar.com

Gift for A Girl Age 0-1

Jellycat in Hong Kong

Jellycat soft toys are great for kids from birth to age 1, they are super soft, make cute cuddlies and are top of our   best seller list.


Gift for Boys Aged 0 -1

Wooden book and gift for Boys Hong Kong

This wooden book is great for young babies to focus on and as they get older as a robust wooden toy they can explore


Gift for Girls aged 2 – 3 years


Delightful soft picnic hamper perfect for pretend play with their friends – girls will love this set.


Gift for Boys aged 2-3 years

ULYSSE Guitare Dot

A great gift for boys who love music, get them creating their own tunes – plus this looks uber cool in their room too – (start saving now for the Fender Strat)


Gift for Girls aged 4-5 years

PRESENT TIME Skippy Ball Horse Pvc

Rody hippity hop ride-on Horse! Made of super strong latex free vinyl, inflatable to adjust for the weight of child. A fun toy for ages 2-4. Great for developing balance and coordination skills.

Gift for Boys aged 4-5 years old


Collectable animals painted by Mojo – why not grab 3 or 4 of these handcrafted animals and make your boys day! From dinosaurs to farm animals, Mojo’s got it covered for collectable animals.