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Oliver Furniture Wood Mini+: Transformable Bed for Your Little One from Newborn to 9 Years Old

The new bed Wood Mini+ from Danish-brand Oliver Furniture is one of those products that will not seize to amaze you. The transformational characteristic and ability to "follow" your child from the moment they enter this world to their preteen years are what this crib set apart in the sea of other cribs and beds for our kids. Stylish rounded edges bring a vibrant charm and give the bed an open, radiant feel.

Wood Mini+ is designed to follow your child's growth. What is truly magnificent is the fact that by buying this one product, you are safe for another 9 years from stressing about buying an ideal bed that will soothe your child's needs. That is quite a relief!

Round edged Wood Mini+ goes through different stages along with your precious one and grows with them. It will convert from cot to junior bed, later will transform to day-bed/sofa, and also owns a trait of transitioning into a loft bed.

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Another great thing is that all the assembling can be done backwards, meaning that you can transform your cozy sofa back to a cot for your number two baby. This product gives the phrase "following a family for generations" a whole new dimension.

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White is the color of angels, so it's a no surprise that this brand opted for this color particularly, and then spiced it up with an oak rhapsody. Whether it's a pure white or in white / oak combination, Wood Mini+ cot is a truly beautiful piece of furniture, perfect for any home and for all little angels.

Below, check out how the transformation process goes, phase by phase, with more depth and accompanied by aesthetic pictures.

Cot - This will get you through your child's first years

­ crib with removable bars adjustable matress height baby cribs safe baby crib baby crib design construction baby cots smart designsWood Mini+ cot (W74 x L126 x H87cm) represents a final result of an idea of making a crib that can be used throughout the child's early stages in life.

Two mattress height positions enable you to put your infant in the cot and take them out with ease and to lower the mattress once the baby grows just enough to be able to climb out.

Three removable bars are a great addition to that time period when your kid isn't ready for the real bed quite yet. This way, they can leave and return to bed without any help, and make a fun game out of it!

Junior bed - It's time for the "grown-up" bed

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toddler bed design white beds for kids bed for kids short legs toodlers beds construction beautiful beds for kids without barsIf your child asks for a grown-up bed, then you know that it's time to make the switch of the Wood Mini+. Have no fears, as the cot bed can quickly and easily be modified to a spacious junior bed (W74 x L126 x H57.5cm). An Eco-Tex certified cold foam mattress with a 100% wool layer, designed to fit the bed perfectly, and offers an excellent comfort.

You can remove the bed guard, but choose to keep it if your little one likes the rolling and wiggling, and definitively if they are known for wild sleeping.

Day-bed / Sofa - It is your turn to enjoy the amazing convertible cot

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large beds for kidsAfter your child outgrows the junior bed, extend the Wood Mini+'s lifetime by turning it into a wonderful day-bed (W74 x L166 x H57.5cm), ideal for naps and daydreaming.

Remove the bed guard and voila, it becomes a cozy sofa - a great detail for the hallway or your living room. Wherever you put it, it's going to add a dash of chicness to your living spaces. So pristine that no one would believe how "old" it is!

Loft bed - They will touch skies and feel like a prince/princess

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loft beds best design loft bed ladder beds with ladders for kids furniture for kids design furniture for kids designBy adding a simple kit that consists of legs and a ladder, available separately, you can convert your Wood Mini+ to a low loft bed (W74 x L166 x H132cm) with a comfy bed-size space under the bearing.

Decorate it with a complementary curtain, available separately, and it's ready for your little one to have unforgettable hangouts.

About Oliver Furniture

Oliver Furniture is an established Danish brand that sets its production in Europe at local workshops. The company prides itself on producing high-quality, timeless products. They govern the simple and modern design, furniture being made of wood and with clean lines. Their products are easy to recognize - simple, and functionally compatible.

With materials that have FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification and products that conform to the strict EU norms for safety and health, such as EN standards and norms, REACH, TüV, and Oeko-Tex, the brand has positioned itself on the highest level of the ethical manufacturing.

All finished products must be treated with only non-toxic interior lacquer and paint, which means that not only the company possesses an environmental awareness, they do everything according to rules to protect both the environment and your kids.

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