nobodinoz: The One Brand Beautifully Setting Up Your Kids’ Room

If you’re setting up or revamping your nursery or kids’ room, we’re here to tell you that you can look to one brand to satisfy your decorating needs.

Spanish creative giant nobodinoz have been gifting us with extraordinary designs for less than a decade, but oh how they’ve made waves in such a short time! A quick peak at their effortless yet flawless creations is enough to help you understand why they’ve gained popularity in a heartbeat.

If you’re anything like us, lovers of pretty patterns, these product images alone have probably already set your pulse racing.

Yes, we know, we know. Those teepees are too much to take in, but let’s try to pace ourselves, because the range of products we’ve got by nobodinoz is quite exhaustive!

So let’s say you’re in the process of designing and giving life to the nursery of your dreams (patiently awaiting your little lucky one to make an appearance). You’re going to want crib bedding, and changing pads, etc. Not to mention some decor pieces to make it all look and feel welcoming.

nobodinoz has complementing designs that’ll have a harmonious effect on your space. Take a look at these two adorable scenes: blankets, carpet, sleeping bag, changing pad and cushions ... a hullabaloo of colors and patterns that still, somehow, instil a calm and alluring feel.

And hey, if you’re going to be unwillingly waking up at all hours of the night, the least you could do for yourself is make that crib look pretty and inviting! This mix and match, for example, would do quite nicely.

In fact, at Petit Bazaar, we carry a variety of nobodinoz’s cot bumpers, duvet covers, fitted sheets, sleeping bags, crib organizers, and blankets (as well as this pretty garland below!)

Add a carpet or two, a complementing toy basket, a couple of cushions and a giant bean bag for good measure, and you’ve got yourself a kiddie room you wish you’d had one like when you were younger!

But what we find truly exciting about nobodinoz’s designs is that they’re perfect for either setting up your newborn’s room or for your growing toddler, or even teenager! Take these mattresses, for example, stack a couple of different patterns and you've got yourself the comfiest of 'sofas'. Or use them as day beds or extra beds for sleepovers!

Not to mention they're the right size for nobodinoz's own mini house structures! Just imagine how perfect that little wooden nook will look in your kids' play area!

Now for some finishing touches. Those little necessities and accessories you tend to look over when it comes to decor, but you have to remember that the devil is in the detail!

Something as tiny as a baby's bib, for example, might go unnoticed, stashed in a drawer somewhere out of sight until needed. But what if it's as pretty as the whole room and blends in beautifully? Well, then you can even choose to flaunt it, displaying it in the room to add even more lovely touches! How can someone have the heart to hide these design beauties? 

Wow! And we mustn't forget about toys, that tend to be a chaotic eye sore in any kids' room. Solution? Storage baskets that double as eye candy!

As well as pockets and pencil cases to match with the rest of the room's patterns!

Now, if your nursery's going to look superb with these few adjustments, it's only fair your baby looks the part! Lucky for you nobodinoz have thought of that as well. Say hello to the Body Tutu!

Yep, it's as adorable as it sounds. It comes in blue and pink, but it doesn't really matter because you're going to want both of them anyway. We can sense you're already picturing your little princess in a garment that fits her room stupendously!


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