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Deco tips : Discover nursery and baby room decorating ideas at Petit Bazaar

jojo At Petit Bazaar we love decoration and we love to find new ideas for mums and dads who like to create a personalised space for their children. By the way we know our children are more and more sensitive to their universe. We believe decorating our kid's room is an introduction to magic,  the place where they will dream, play role, cry, laugh, grow up. Sometimes it can be tricky for some of us to create a unique and  magical atmosphere for our little ones, or scary to spend too much money. Yet some small accessories can completly change the style of a room like a nice lamp, a poetic wall sticker, combined with trendy cushions, or very simple rugs in a good choice of materials. nanana vintage style kid's room wall sticher circus mimilou Egmont mushroom lamp pink matriochka musicale Barnabe aime le cafe plaid libert barnabe aime le cafe rabbit lamp As we know quite well our products, even though it's not always easy to choose for parents, if you still hesitate our sale staff is used to help for choosing items which are going to be the magic part of your kid's room. Furniture, lighting, rugs, shelves, rocking chairs, wall stickers, cushions, sleeping bags, bed sheets, mobiles, side tables are your baby's world. Our collection is original and the most essential part is to help create the pleasure to feel good at home with your family in the space we create for them ! Our inspirations are yours.

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