Cam Cam Copenhagen: The Finest, Organic Products for Your Nursery

With the baby-product market booming, we are very much spoiled for choice when it comes to buying things for our little ones. Each brand is more chic than the other, awesome designs everywhere you turn ... so what makes a brand stand out in this niche?

I guess, like many other parenting matters, it all boils down to what is best for the baby. And we’ve found a Danish company with that motto at its heart: Cam Cam Copenhagen.

They believe in the importance of surroundings in our young ones’ lives and thus they strive to create products that help mold a harmonious and serene environment for our littles. And that, fellow parents, is reason enough for us to happily share them to you.

Cam Cam Copenhagen has been at it since 2012 and their baby products now range from bedding to clothing, with a specific focus on sustainability, quality materials and timeless designs. Just a glimpse at their contemporary pieces is enough to win us over.

Their bedding, be it quilts, sheets, swaddles, sleeping bags or cot bumpers are all made of soft 100% organic cotton. That means they’re the go-to choice particularly for those little ones prone to allergies.

They come in simple, enduring designs in soft hues perfect for creating a calm and comforting environment in our kids’ nursery or even their older siblings' room.

And they’ve just the right touches to make the cot look even prettier and complete: adorable, beautifully-designed cot mobiles that our little ones will surely treasure forever.

Choose from swans, balloons, peacocks or rainbows. Each one is also constructed from 100% organic cotton for their outer fabric and most of them are handmade, making them all the more special and authentic.

They’re a delightfully elegant addition for either atop the cot or changing table. The music mobiles can help send your little dreamers drifting off to sleep, whilst the rain droplets from the rainbow mobile are great for encouraging little hands to reach out and grasp, strengthening motor skills.

Their dreamy baby-clothing line features body suits and leggings made from 100% organic cotton jersey in light pastels perfectly complementing the bedding. They’re super soft, super comfy and undeniably cute.

And to keep those nighties nice and clean come feeding session time, Cam Cam Copenhagen have these adorable, matching bibs made from the same organic material.

Play is also an area this Danish brand has elegantly conquered, and we’re particularly in love with these wonderfully soft grab balls they’ve created.

This delicate organic cotton activity toy complete with rattle bell inside, is ideal for stimulating babies’ senses and grasp reflexes. Another plus? Its fabric matches the rest of the brand’s collection!

As for that magical final touch for your nursery, this hot air balloon lamp will do quite nicely. And it’ll be adored by your kiddos even when they grow older!



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